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Are Soundcards worth it in 2022?


This goes over Sound cards, Digital vs Analog, 44 vs 48 Hz, and more options that you will encountering when dealing with sound in Windows New Customers Exclusive – Get a Free 128gb Flash drive and 128gb MicroSD Card at Micro Center: 🤍 Join the Micro Center Community: 🤍 Browse Micro Center’s selection of Sound Cards: 🤍 Support My Work - ►► Get Updates, Launch Announcements and More ➜ 🤍 ►► Chris Titus Tech Digital Downloads ➜ 🤍 ►► Product and Service Recommendations ➜ 🤍 ►► My YouTube Gear and Computers ➜ 🤍 Other Places to Find Me - ►► Titus Tech Talk ➜ 🤍 ►► Titus Tech Gaming ➜ 🤍 ►► Chris Titus Fitness ➜ 🤍 ►► Twitch ➜ 🤍 ►► Twitter ➜ 🤍 DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps supports the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!

How to use V8 Sound Card | Complete set up and Sound Test


What's kickin' mga amigo? I tried my new V8 sound card for my audio recording and thought it might give other new youtubers an idea on how to enhance their audio during live stream and recordings. Recorded singing video using V8: 🤍

Sound Card vs Onboard Audio vs GPU audio in 2023 (digital vs analog setups) - Gaming PC


Are you thinking about getting a sound card for your gaming PC in 2023? Should you just use onboard audio? Is a sound card worth it? Should you use HDMI out of your video card? What about if you're just using headphones? I've used all these methods. Watch next: Setting up PC Audio using a Home Theater Receiver: 🤍 Interal Vs External Sound Card - 🤍 Using GPU as Sound Card - 🤍 Using your Pc with Powered Speakers - 🤍 Corsair 4000x review - 🤍

Are Sound Cards Still Relevant? Sound BlasterX AE-5


Anker Power Delivery Campaign: 🤍 Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD & 30W Wall Charger: : 🤍 Buy Casio Pro Trek on Amazon: 🤍 The humble sound card was once the king of PC multimedia... Can Creative take back the crown from "good enough" onboard audio? Buy a Sound BlasterX AE-5: On Amazon: 🤍 On Newegg: 🤍 Buy a Beyerdynamic DT990 PRO: On Amazon: 🤍 On Newegg: 🤍 Buy an Audeze LCD-2: On Amazon: 🤍 On Newegg: 🤍 Discuss on the forum: 🤍 Our Affiliates, Referral Programs, and Sponsors: 🤍 Linus Tech Tips merchandise at 🤍 Linus Tech Tips posters at 🤍 Our production gear: 🤍 Twitter - 🤍 Facebook - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍 Twitch - 🤍 Intro Screen Music Credit: Title: Laszlo - Supernova Video Link: 🤍 iTunes Download Link: 🤍 Artist Link: 🤍 Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High 🤍 Sound effects provided by 🤍

USB Sound Cards can be GAME CHANGERS!


When it comes to getting the best sound from your smartphone or laptop, external USB sound cards can be game changers. But which sound card is right for you? Is it worth spending the money on a high end sound card or portable DAC? In this video we'll find out if they improve versus internal audio and bring better sound when compared against a typical laptop and smartphone headphone DAC. Buy these items directly from Creative (affiliate links): Play 4! - 🤍 G3 - 🤍 X4 - 🤍 G6 - 🤍 GC7 - 🤍 Buy items in this video from Amazon at the links below: Play 4! - 🤍 G3 - 🤍 X4 - 🤍 G6 - 🤍 GC7 - 🤍 Check out the new Lian Li UNI Fan SL Infinity - 🤍 TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 - Which USB sound card is best for you? 1:01 - Why USB sound cards? 1:15 - The Ultra Portable $29 USB DAC (SoundBlaster Play4!) 1:56 - A mid-range USB-C DAC (SoundBlaster G3) 3:42 - AMAZING FANS - Ad Spot 4:14 - For the Gamer - Sound BlasterX G6 6:37 - A Desktop Friendly DAC/AMP (SoundBlaster X4) 8:34 - The Most Ultimate USB Sound Card Ever? 10:25 - Which one should you buy? GET MERCH ►🤍 SUBSCRIBE ►🤍 Review unit provided free of charge by Creative or purchased by Hardware Canucks. This video is sponsored by Creative & Lian Li. As per Hardware Canucks guidelines. As an Amazon & Cretive Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Gear list (Available on Amazon): Main Camera (Dmitry) - 🤍 Main Lens (Dmitry) - 🤍 Main Camera (Eber) - 🤍 Main Lens (Eber) - 🤍 Main 2nd Lens (Eber) - 🤍 Main Camera Mic (D & E) - 🤍 Cheap 4K Camera (Panasonic G7) - 🤍 Awesome Slider - 🤍 Our Shotgun Mic - 🤍 ­ Our full site: 🤍 Join Our Forums: 🤍 Follow us for more updates! Twitter 🤍 FaceBook 🤍 Instagram 🤍 ­- #usbsoundcard #bestusbdac #hardwarecanucks

Do You NEED a Sound Card? -- Creative Sound Blaster Z SE


Amazon US Link (Affiliate): 🤍 Amazon UK Link (Affiliate): 🤍 🔎Geizhals Link: 🤍 Do we actually need a sound card? How does the Sound Blaster Z SE by Creative stack up against the latest on-board audio solutions? DISCOUNT CODE: Nicolas11 10% off Sound Blaster Z SE (🤍 and Creative Stage V2 (🤍 SRP. Only valid for use at Europe (shipping to these countries: 🤍 Valid till April 30th, 2021. ⚠✅❗AD❗✅⚠ Best, free PARTITIONING Software EaseUS Partition Master 🤍 Manufacturer: Creative Model: 70SB150000004 Full Specifications: 🤍

Top 5 Best Sound Card For Music Production 2023


Top 5 best Sound Card For Music Production, The Best Sound Card For Music Production, best budget Sound Card For Music Production 2023, Best Sound Card For Music Production and Best Sound Card For Music Production 2023 are reviewed in detail in this video. I have also covered the top Sound Card For Music Production. So it's a must-watch video for you if you are planning to buy a new budget Sound Card For Music Production of any budget. ••• 🛒 Check The Link Below For Best Deal 🛒 ••• ✅ 1. Native Instruments - 🤍 ✅ 2. Universal Audio - 🤍 ✅ 3. Focusrite Scarlett 4I4 - 🤍 ✅ 4. SSL 2+ Audio - 🤍 ✅ 5. Audient ID4 MKII - 🤍 This channel is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites.

V8 Sound Card ဘယ်လိုသုံးမလဲ?


V8 Sound Card သုံးပြီး အသံ Quality ကောင်းကောင်းလေးဖန်တီးကြမယ်..... ဒီ Video လေးမှာ V8 Sound Card အသုံးပြုနည်းအပြင် Sound Card ဖြင့် Recording လုပ်ပြပေးထားပါတယ်။ Su Zyam Collection ၏ Sponsor ဖြင့် Video ဖန်တီးပေးထားတာဖြစ်လို့ Sound Card ဝယ်ယူအားပေးလိုသော Customer များအနေဖြင့် အောက်က Link မှတဆင့် ဝယ်ယူအားပေးနိုင်ပါတယ်။ 🤍 #KoNaungVlog

Do you Need a Sound Card?


A lot of people assume they need a sound card in their PC build, but the reality is a little more complex. What are you using your PC for? Would you be better suited using an external DAC/amp? Search your heart. Let your conscience be your guide. Use the Force. Whatever works. NCIX forums: 🤍 LinusTechTips forums: 🤍 Buy Sound Cards: Canada: 🤍 US: 🤍 Buy DACs: Canada: 🤍 US: 🤍 See news sources + discuss on our Forums: 🤍 Follow Us! 🤍 Episode Credits: Host: Linus Sebastian Writer: Riley Murdock Editor: Kalvin Shum

Chọn Soundcard ? Sai rồi bạn ơi


#soundcard #prok 🚨🚨🚨 liên hệ công việc: ProKtrainning🤍 📸📸📸 thông tin công việc chuyên môn nhiếp ảnh: 🤍 - 👉Hội những bạn quan tâm đến miniStudio: 🤍 (Nơi chia sẻ các không gian tự sáng tạo nội dung tại nhà) - © Bản quyền thuộc về Pro-K Workshop và METUB Network © Copyright by Pro-K Workshop & METUB Network ☞ Do not Reup! 00:00 - bắt đầu 00:52 - Soundcard và sự hiểu lầm tai hại 02:15 - Soundcard để thu âm gọi là gì 02:45 - Audio interface 05:20 - Vocal Proccesor xử lí giọng nói 06:48 - Mixer USB 07:39 - Soundcard đa năng Yamaha ZG01 09:04 - Soundcard thật sự là cái gì

The sound card | كيف اختار الكارت صوت المناسبة بثمن مناسب ؟


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Why Sound Cards Are Important in 2019!


Today we explore the Soundblaster AE-9 PCIe sound card and why products like these need to exist in 2019! We do a comprehensive microhpone test with XLR and 3.5mm inputs and do a subjective analysis of its' audio delivery capabilities. Enjoy! Buy items in this video from Amazon at the links below: Creative AE-9 Sound Card: 🤍 Creative AE-7 Sound Card: 🤍 Learn more about the Corsair HydroX: 🤍 Subscribe ► 🤍 Review unit provided free of charge by Creative. This video is sponsored by Lian Li & Corsair. As per Hardware Canucks guidelines, no review direction was received from manufacturer. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Gear list (Available on Amazon): Main Camera - 🤍 Main Lens - 🤍 Main Camera Mic - 🤍 Second Camera - 🤍 $700 Camera (Panasonic G7) - 🤍 Sigma 18-35mm F1.8 - 🤍 Cinevate DUZI Slider - 🤍 AKG C314 - 🤍 AKG C 568 B - 🤍 Zoom H5 - 🤍 ­ Our full site: 🤍 Join Our Forums: 🤍 Follow us for more updates! Twitter 🤍 FaceBook 🤍 Instagram 🤍 ­-

SYNIDO LIVE 100- THE BEST Sound Card All In One Audio Interface for Podcasting, Karaoke &Streaming


A Detailed Review on SYNIDO LIVE 100 Audio Interface / Sound card Showcasing it’s features, Testing and sample Recording set up. Highlights on this video: -Unboxing -Record to phone set up -All inputs and outputs - how it works and what to connect -All knobs - testing, how it works and what it’s for - Testing all the buttons - How Bluetooth works - How to Record or create or delete customize sound effects - Sample recording a song/karaoke Synido live 100 (Purple): 🤍 Discount Code:18PN8K45 Synido live 100 (Black): 🤍 Discount Code:18K636B7 Buy at synido official website: 🤍 Software Live 100 / Voice 100 download: 🤍 #jenuds



For inquiries about the products click the link below: 🤍 SIGNATURE AUDIO SUPPLIES CALL OR TXT 09399020265 kwentong musikero Facebook page. 🤍

Sulit Ang Pera Mo Sa Sound Card Na ito | MAONOCASTER LITE AU-AM200


Shoppe: 🤍 Lazada : 🤍 00:00 - intro 02:14 - unboxing 03:28 - Product Review 04:55 - Setup 06:33 - PC setup/OBS 08:27 - Background Music 08:57 - Frequency 09:55 - Voice Effects 10:22 - Noise Removal 11:28 - Audio Ducking 12:15 - Music Only Effect 13:16 - Voice Changer 14:20 - Sound Effects 16:29 - Auto Tune 17:10 - OBS FILTERS 19:31 - Verdicts 22:13 - Outro Filming Equipment Main Camera: Sony A6400 + Sigma 16mm: 🤍 Secondary Camera: Fujifilm X-A20 Filmic Pro: 🤍 Diy Soft Box: 🤍 Boya By M1000: 🤍 Boya BY BM3031: 🤍 - For more STREAMING TUTORIAL check my channel 😀 Don't forget to like comment and subscribe guys! Facebook Page: 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Instagram : 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍bosslucio JOIN IN MY COMMUNITY DISCORD: 🤍 #Maono #Streamer #SoundCard

What's the Best USB Soundcard? (OLD)


NEW RANKING: 🤍 WARNING: I no longer recommend using a USB soundcard to connect a microphone to your computer. It has become too unreliable due to manufacturers altering the components used in their products as well as alterations to operating systems causing additional problems. The only method of connecting a microphone to your computer that I recommend is with a USB AUDIO INTERFACE that is designed specifically for that use case. Here's my Ranking of the Soundcards: (DON'T BUY) Sabrent Stereo: 🤍 (Here's why: 🤍 (DON'T BUY) Sabrent 7.1: 🤍 HDE 7.1: 🤍 Virtual 5.1: 🤍 Gino Stereo: 🤍 Gino 7.1: 🤍 Check us out, Follow us, & Like us over at: 🤍 🤍 🤍

XTUGA E1 Bluetooth Live Sound Card Unbox Sound Test | ABA Music Studio


XTUGA E1 Bluetooth Live Sound Card Unbox Sound Test Where to buy??? Buy From Website : Shopee MY : Join this channel to get access to perks: 🤍 alexSachi 個人創作專輯 iTunes : 🤍 最新單曲專輯 Spotify → 🤍 非常感謝大家購買我的歌曲,才能讓我繼續努力的把音樂路一直走下去! ANY SPONSORSHIP/REVIEW PLEASE EMAIL ME AT: abamusicipoh🤍 Buy me a coffee to help me doing more good video to the world :) 🤍 喜歡的話也記得follow我的官方網站,謝謝大家給個贊喲! Youtube ►🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Instagram ► 🤍 Website ► 🤍

Sound Cards, DACs, and Amps as Fast As Possible


Sound cards, DACs, and amps are all highly discussed topics in the PC and audiophile worlds. Here's what I think you need to know about them... Sponsor message: For a free audiobook of your choice go to

Creative Sound Blaster X4 vs X3: A Big Upgrade?


While graphics cards are still hard to come by, upgrading your gaming audio is the next best thing! In this video Adam reviews the Creative Sound Blaster X4, compares it to the older X3, and tells you which one you should buy. Buy merch in our Crowdmade shop: 🤍 Follow PCWorld for all things PC! ­ SUBSCRIBE: 🤍 TWITCH: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 WEBSITE: 🤍 #Audio #Gaming #DAC 00:00 - Intro 00:24 - In the box 00:54 - Hardware overview 02:17 - Controls 03:15 - Specs 04:10 - Creative App 05:10 - Buying advice

Creative G3 "External Sound Card" Fixes HORRIBLE (Ear Damaging) Laptop Audio Quickly.


After testing out a laptop and it's onboard audio for the first time I was in shock... From my testing (though I don't know how to test the console audio just yet), the portable Creative G3 made an easy fix however. This unit also offers everything you want from a budget solution; solid numbers, line in, optical in, mute switch, mic and output volume, and a new feature too, mix volume. This feature enables you to mix the end points together. Also coupled with what the software suite brings for $60, it would really be a good decision if you were using cheap laptop onboard audio. Check out the Creative G3 here: 🤍 💯Merch - 🤍 💯 ❤️Patreon Access: 🤍 ❤️ 💰Cheap CDKeys - TYC3 for Games or TYCSK for Win 10 Pro for up to 12% Off - 🤍 💰 💻Discord Access: 🤍 💻 - DISCLOSURES: Generally all links tied to products are either Amazon, AliExpress or Ebay Affilaite links, this means that if you purchase a product we earn a small sales commission, which costs you nothing extra (if you end up purchasing a product). All sponsored content will contain the word "SPONSOR" if directly sponsored or "AD." Any additional revenue stream will be disclosed with similar disclosure. Music Provided by either: monstercat, chukibeats, epidemicsound, vlognocopyright, audio library, no copyright sounds, royaltyfreeplanet or bassrebels #audio #sound #dac



Halo guys Banyak dari temen2 yang sering menanyakan lebih baik pakai mixer atau soundcard. Untuk pemula , kalian harus tau dulu fungsi2 dasar kedua alat ini, mixer dan soundcard memang memiliki fungai yang berbeda namun bisa di gabungkan menjadi satu. saya menggunakan soundcard focusrite solo dan mixer ashley premium 4. Nah di video ini saya bahas perbedaan antara dua perangkat keras ini. jadi enjoy thia video. mixer soundcard, soundcard ashley, mixer soundcard 4 chanel, soundcard focusrite, focusrite scarlet, mixer untuk recording, mixer murah. #ashleypremium4 #focusritescarlett #homerecording Gear: XIAOMI note 8 pro Focusrite solo Mixer ashley premium 4 Tripod 3110 mic boya by m1 Lighting (DIY softbox, Led strip) Editing video kinemaster || SUBSCRIBE HERE || 🤍 || FOLLOW INSTAGRAM GEDE SUKA || 🤍 || FACEBOOK HERE || 🤍 Semoga bermanfaat

Wait… My GPU is a Sound Card? - Probing Paul #51


Wait… My GPU is a Sound Card? - Probing Paul #51 ►TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Intro 0:33 What is the maximum amount of RAM you can have? 8:06 What audio device does your GPU’s HDMI-out use? 13:07 Water cooling pros and cons - AIO vs hardline vs soft tubing 16:19 Why is it hard to find coolant reviews for custom liquid cooling? 18:11 What about front panel USB ports for audio, are they OK? 19:13 Other Gaming PC streaming options - Parsec and Rainway 20:29 Are you excited for the new Bill and Ted movie? 21:01 Positive feedback is always appreciated! 22:05 Probing Paul twice as fast 22:48 Probing Paul twice as often ►LINKS Probing Paul Playlist - 🤍 Windows 10 RAM ZDNet Article - 🤍 32-bit/ 4GB RAM Limit ZDNet Article - 🤍 3950X - 🤍 10900K - 🤍 Xeon Platinum 8380HL - 🤍 NVIDIA HD Audio format support - 🤍 Parsec Gaming - 🤍 Rainway Review (VentureBeat) - 🤍 Please note that links above may be affiliate links clicking them earns me a small commission if you make a purchase and helps support my YouTube channel. Thank you! ▷ MY STORE - shirts, mugs, pint glasses & hoodies 🤍 ▷ SOCIAL Twitter: 🤍paulhardware 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 :::Send Me Stuff::: Paul's Hardware P.O. Box 4325 Diamond Bar, CA 91765 ► Edited by Joe Aguilar - ShaostylePostProductions 🤍 Audio file(s) provided by Epidemic Sound 🤍

SoundBlaster AE-9 Premium Sound Card or Just Premium Price?


SoundBlaster AE-9: 🤍 Just how good is the "Best" internal sound card on the market? Can it do everything it advertises to do? Lets see how it handles the Shure SM7B via the XLR input. 0:00 - Unboxing & Overview 5:13 - Output Discussion 7:36 - SBX 8:53 - Shure SM7B Input Test & Discussion 13:13 Final Thoughts My YouTube Gear 🤍 My Amazon Storefront: 🤍 As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

What's the Best USB Sound Card / Audio Adapter?


WARNING: I no longer recommend using a USB soundcard to connect a microphone to your computer. It has become too unreliable due to manufacturers altering the components used in their products as well as alterations to operating systems causing additional problems. The only method of connecting a microphone to your computer that I recommend is with a USB AUDIO INTERFACE that is designed specifically for that use case. Here's my Ranking of the Soundcards: 1. (DON'T BUY) Sabrent Stereo: 🤍 (HERE'S WHY: 🤍 2. (DON'T BUY) Sabrent 7.1: 🤍 3. (BEST OPTION) Syba Stereo: 🤍 4. HDE 7.1: 🤍 5. Virtual 5.1: 🤍 6. Gino Stereo: 🤍 7. Trond Stereo: 🤍 8. Plugable Stereo: 🤍 9. ATR2USB: 🤍 10. Gino 7.1: 🤍 11. Optical Shop 5.1: 🤍 PROBLEM WITH SABRENT ADAPTERS 🤍 Check us out, Follow us, & Like us over at: 🤍 🤍 🤍

The ONLY Sound Card you need in 2020! Creative Sound BlasterX G6 Review


Andrew today takes a look at the Creative Sound BlasterX G6 - the sound card that works with PC, Xbox one, PS4, Nintendo Switch and more ! Is it worth the £130 (£110 on offer at time of publication) asking price? We find out today. read more here: 🤍 Buy here: 🤍 Check out KITGURU MERCH over here: 🤍 Discord invite link: 🤍 Steam Community 🤍 Be sure to support us on PATREON 🤍 and read our MANTRA on HONEST REVIEWS Here: 🤍 KitGuru uses a variety of equipment to produce content: As of May 2019: Panasonic GH5 and GH5s Cameras Panasonic GH4 Cameras Panasonic G7 Cameras DJI OSMO Pocket Cameras Canon Cameras Various PC builds Final output – colour grading/titling etc: iMac Pro 18 Core/Vega 64/128GB Imac 2019 9900k Vega 48/64/1TB Adobe Premiere Pro CC (PC) Davinci Resolve Studio 14/15 (Mac) iPad Pro 12.9 inch (2018) machines with LumaFusion Final Cut Pro (Mac) Visit our facebook page over here! 🤍 Visit our Twitter page over here! 🤍 #creative #soundblaster #xG6 #bestsoundcard

V9 Sound Card - DETAILED REVIEW - ENGLISH. Showing all Functions of Buttons, Volume Knobs and Ports


V9 Sound Card - DETAILED REVIEW. Showing all Functions of Buttons, Volume Knobs and Ports - ENGLISH #v9soundcard# V9 Sound card: 🤍 Condenser mic: 🤍

Is a Sound Card worth it in 2020?


No one: Sound Cards in 2020: Exist But should you buy the SoundBlaster X3? But first... What am I drinking??? Another local Oregon brew from Level Beer (Portland), it's 'I'm not a HAZY, I just crush a lot', a self-proclaimed Old School IPA. Much more floral than hoppy, and is definitely a throwback to IPAs from the early turn of the century. VERY good on a hot day. (5.8%) Check out the Sound Blaster X3 on Amazon: 🤍 Creative S-XFi Amplifier for Mobile: 🤍 Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Wired/Wireless: 🤍 Senheiser IE 40 Pro: 🤍 Find the parts I recommend on my Amazon store: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter 🤍CraftComputing Support me on Patreon and get access to my exclusive Discord server. Chat with myself and the other hosts on Talking Heads all week long. 🤍 Disclosure: Creative provided the Sound Blaster X3 for review. My opinions are my own, and Creative had no input or influence over this review.

NEW 2021 M9 Sound Card -REVIEW,SET UP & TESTING.NEW Features not found on other sound cards-ENGLISH


NEW 2021 M9 Sound Card -REVIEW, SET UP & TESTING. NEW Features not found on other sound cards #m9soundcard# #newsoundcard2021# M9 Sound card: 🤍 Condenser mic: 🤍

K-song Live Sound Card F007 | FULL REVIEW!!!


This video was made to help others who wants to try this product. I’m not sponsored and I bought this for personal use. The content of this video includes: Unboxing, Set-up, Functions & Uses, Testing & Explanations. Most of my reviews, were based on my experiences using this product. Subscribe for more videos 🤍 #F007 #soundcard #ksonglive #ksonglivesoundcard #livesoundcard #soundeffects #effects #fullreview #livebroadcast #livestreaming #recording #gadgets #unboxing #setup #shopandshare #review #F9 #F9soundcard

Product Demo: V8ii Sound Card & BM800 Microphone


Product Demo: V8ii Sound Card & BM800 Microphone V8ii comes with cables and it is battery-chargeable. It is also Bluetooth enabled. BM800 comes with table mounted stand, shock mount, pop filter, windscreen etc Visit us Prodigy Music Sdn Bhd 68 Emart One Stop Commercial Centre Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi 97000 Bintulu 🤍 WhatsApp 0128839685

V8 Live Sound Card | Cheap Voice Changer, Effects & Canned Sound Mixer | OBS Setup, Demo & Review


Irie! I'm sharing my take on the V8 Live Sound Card mixer. This Chinese device has been around for a while now and more upgraded versions are available as ever. Hope this video helps anyone starting out as a live-streamer or youtuber as this helps enhancing your microphone quality and spicing it out with various voice effects and canned sounds bytes. Sometimes it can be hard to describe your questions in words so you might be interested with our subreddit to ask your question (post snapshot or vids): 🤍 It's free. My own device link: 🤍 Shopee variations: 🤍 Lazada variations: 🤍 Optional Noise filter: 🤍 If you want a cheaper version than this, try this link: 🤍 Chapters: 00:00 Intro 01:05 A Closer Look (Physical Inspection) 02:48 Physical Setup 04:02 ezcap HD Game Live Setup (recording game console thru LIVE2) 04:46 OBS Setup 05:31 Demonstration of Features 13:57 Microphone Test Comparison 14:30 Pros 14:52 Cons 15:41 Outro Please subscribe and hit the notification button for updates of new videos. I would be thankful if you like or comment any of my let's play videos. Thanks for your support!!! Find me on social media: Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 You can check out my affiliate program on the Lazada app for exclusive deals (mobile only for now): 🤍 Be my first few patrons at Patreon: 🤍 EMULATORS: ePSXe: 🤍 PCSX2: 🤍 RPCS3: 🤍 PS3 Firmware: 🤍 CEMU: 🤍 RetroArch: 🤍 RECORDING: OBS: 🤍 Geforce Experience: 🤍 CONTROLLER HACK: DS4Windows: 🤍 EDITING: Cyberlink PowerDirector: 🤍 Filmora: 🤍 Adobe Photoshop: 🤍 SUNDAY: Watch the whole Retro Sundays series here: 🤍 Watch the whole Retro Sundays: Silent Hill series here: 🤍 Watch the whole Retro Sundays: Silent Hill 2 Enhanced series here: 🤍 MONDAY: Watch The Last of Us (PS3) series here: 🤍 TUESDAY: Watch the Maid of Sker series here: 🤍 WEDNESDAY: Watch the whole D-Day series here: 🤍 THURSDAY: Watch the Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019) series here: 🤍 FRIDAY: Watch the Detroit: Become Human series here: 🤍 SATURDAY: Watch the The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild series here: 🤍 Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use.

Explain About V8 Sound Card - Sinhala


I think you got a knowledge about V8 sound card.So i say to you subscribe my you tube channel & like,comment,share my videos.Thank you. Multi Audio Visual face book page link - 🤍 PASI music

Sk500 Sound Card #livestreaming #recording #reviews #vlogs #viertips


Samahan nyo ko mga ka Viertipss kung paano gamitin ang Sk500 sound card for recording and livestreaming SK500 is a tool used for livestreaming recording and making a cover videos Please don't forget to subscribe to my channel and click the bell button for more video updates #shorts #viertips #vlogs #SK500 #soundcardv8 #soundcard

Is this the most boring sound card ever made?


The Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCI Express I got this sound card more than a year ago because nearly everyone used to have one of these in their system. And so I thought it was a good idea to make a video about it. But on the surface the card is so empty that my first impression was that it had to be boring. And so I put off creating a video about it for a long time. But today is the day! My review of the Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio PCIE!

V8 Live Soundcard + Cellphone Setup The Easiest Way - Tagalog


Tutorial ng V8 at Cellphone Setup. Facebook: 🤍 Discord: 🤍 #v8 #setup My Gears: Focusrite Scalett 2i2 Studio 🤍 Audio Technica AT2005USB Cardioid Dynamic USB/XLR Microphone 🤍 Please follow us on our Facebook Page for more tech updates Facebook Page: 🤍 Gears Used: Camera - Sony A6400 🤍 Creative Live! Cam Sync 1080P 🤍 Lens - Sigma 16mm F1.4 DC DN 🤍 Camera - Fujifilm X100F 🤍 Capture Card - El Gato Camlink 4K 🤍 Generic Capture Card 🤍 Mic - Audio Technica AT2005USB 🤍 El Gato Stream Deck 🤍 Music: Clouds by Joakim Karud: 🤍 Dreams by Joakim Karud: 🤍

Live Sound Card A2 - All buttons Detailed Review, Testing & Set Up (English)


A2 Live Sound Card is almost the same as K1 Live Sound Card. A2 has something that K1 doesn’t have. I have showed also how to set up custom sound effect in this video. Amazon: 🤍

Setup my f998 soundcard and review


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The complete BM800 Condenser mic and V8 Sound card Review, Setup, Test and Tips!!!


Thanks for watching the video! We now have a “SUPERTHANKS” button - please consider donating to support the channel! You can view and buy the BM800 and the v8 Sound card using the links below: Shopee: 🤍 Lazada: 🤍 An educated guide for the BM800 Condenser Mic and the V8 Sound card. Setup and testing with the BM800 and V8 for PC discussed on this video. Please comment, share, like and subscribe! Thank you! 0:00 Intro 0:45 V8 Sound Card Intro 2:05 V8 Soundcard Tips and Troubleshooting 2:30 BM800 3:08 BM800 Tips and Troubleshooting 4:08 Hardware Installation 6:01 BM800 Setup 10:10 BM800 only test 14:15 V8 Sound Card Setup 17:45 BM800 and V8 Sound Card test 20:52 V8 Sound Card effects (Sound board) 24:30 Is it worth the money? 24:55 Do you need the V8 Sound Card? _ About the BM800 Condenser Product Description Features: Adopt the exacting complete electronic circuit control, capture rich, full-bodied sound. It is easier to get high-quality sound for your voice and audio recordings. With a good cardioid polar pickup pattern, high output, low self-noise and the accurate reproduction of even the most subtle sound. An amazing singing partner, just for showing your perfect voice. Professional condenser microphone is perfect for seasoned pros or newbie musicians who want a quality condenser microphone. Descriptions: With a high-quality shock mount, can effectively reduce noise The ball-type anti-wind foam cap can keep your microphone clean, protect microphone against wind and impurity interference. Ideal for broadcasting, home studio recording, field recording, etc. Specifications: Model: BM800 Polar pattern: cardioid polar pattern Frequency: 20Hz - 20KHz Sensitivity: 34dB + / - 2dB Load impedance: 1000 ohm and more S/N: 78dB SPL: 130dB (max) Material: plastic and metal Size: 175*49*49mm Color: silver & black Package included: 1 x BM800 Condenser Microphone 1 x Ball-type Foam Cap 1 x Microphone Shock Mount 1x mic table stand About the V8 Sound card Product Description V8 Audio External USB Headset Microphone Live Broadcast Sound Card for Mobile Phone Computer PC Feature: 1. 112 kinds of electric sound, 18 kinds of sound effects, 6 kinds of effect modes. 2. Reverberation size adjustment, microphone volume adjustment, high bass adjustment, recording volume control, music volume control, monitoring volume control (earphone function). 3. Support mobile phone computer use, support the use of single headset. 4. 7 kinds of connecting methods: one cell phone K song live, double cell phone live, three mobile phone live, mobile phone computer synchronous live, one computer live, computer accompaniment cell phone live, instrument input cell phone live. Specification: Battery: lithium ion rechargeable battery Material: Metal Color: Black Product size: 125x105x25mm/4.92x4.13x0.98'' Weight: 467g Note: Please allow 1-3mm differs due to manual measurement. Due to the different display and different light, the picture may not show the actual color of the item. Thanks for your understanding. Included: 1 x Sound Card 2 x Audio Cables 1 x USB Cable 1 x English User Manual - Please help the channel out by hitting Like, Share, and Subscribe. Also, please consider donating to my Paypal account if you want to support the channel. It would really help a lot! Thank you!!! Thank you! Paypal ► 🤍 Twitter ► 🤍 Blogger ► 🤍 Facebook ► 🤍 Reddit ► 🤍 YouTube ► 🤍 Checkout my playlists: Anything goes ► 🤍 Friday night funkin' ► 🤍 Gaming ► 🤍 Gadget Reviews ►🤍 Pets & Animals ► 🤍 Troubleshooting ► 🤍 #BM800 #Condenser #V8Soundcard #ChrisWiz #DIY #Review

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